Manage Pipeline Crossings Across Their Entire Lifecycle

With the Technical Toolboxes Crossings Suite, pipeline engineers gain access to the entirety of the Pipeline Toolbox Enterprise along with several specialized engineering applications. By integrating data, GIS, and reporting tools across the Crossings Suite and the entire software portfolio at large, pipeline engineers are empowered to work more productively, with less risk, and with a clearer understanding of their pipeline assets and calculations. 

Now Live: Technical Toolboxes have fully implemented CEPA Surface Loading calculations into the Crossings Suite, providing a less conservative methodology for evaluating loading effects on buried pipe based on CSA-Z662.

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What is Included in the Crossings Suite?

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Pipeline Toolbox Enterprise


Crossings Workflow

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HDD PowerTool

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Encroachment Manager



Pipeline HUB Navigator


Pipeline HUB Report Builder


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Crossings Suite Overview

The Crossings Suite on the HUBPL platform provides best-in-class solutions for your pipeline engineers. Make the switch today.

What's new?

Solution Comparison

Pipeline Toolbox Enterprise

Crossings Suite

Loading Calculations 

API 1102

Track and Wheel Load Multi-iterative Analysis

Live and Distributed Static Surcharge Load Calculations

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD)

Installation and Post Installation Stress Analysis

Cables in Conduits & Drilling Fluids/Mud Management 

Encroachment Manager

HUB Navigator, HUB Report Builder, ESRI Map GIS

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